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About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to my home page. Here is where I take a little time to talk about myself and my work ethic. After graduating from Borah High School in Boise, Idaho in 2013, I went straight into my first job working in the food industry at a local horse track. From there I have been working at different restaurants, most notably a major pizza chain where I started as a delivery driver in the fall of 2014. Three years later I became an assistant manager and continued to serve in this leadership role. I have enjoyed working in this position full-time but always wondered what the future would hold in this job.

In 2020 I decided that I was going to further my career opportunities by returning to college. While still continuing to work as an assistant manager full-time, I began the Software Development program at the College of Western Idaho as a full-time student. There I discovered a love for programming. I enjoyed putting in the hard work and hours it took to complete programs. While some days proved to be stressful, there was no better feeling in seeing a completed program written fully by myself come to life. Each day I expanded my knowledge of programming as well as solidified my time management skills. I plan to complete the degree in two years while continuing my full-time work position. I continue to grow in my knowledge in computer languages and am eager to learn more tools in this ever evolving field.

Thank you for your time!

-Luke Brandt

My Works

These are a collection of sites I made. Each one is meant to showcase the different web development skills I have learned.


Portfolio 1

This is the first portolio I made. I've inlcluded this in order to show my growth as a web developer. This was the first full site I made using HTML and CSS.

Bang For Your Buck Drums

Bang For Your Buck Drums

This is a full e-commerce site I built using the CSS framework Bootstrap.

Caped Crusader Comics

Caped Crusader Comics

This is a full e-commerce site I created that is meant to showcase my skills in JavaScript and jQuery. The site uses a jQuery slide show and includes forms that have validation and use JavaScript to function. The site is also hosted on AWS.

Roy's Records

Roy's Records

An e-commerce site I built using Bootstrap 4 for my Communicating Through Web Design Class.

Skyline Coffee

Skyline Coffee

This is the first full site I built using Vue. It demonstrates the use of vue-router and an order page that uses a full shopping cart where you can add and remove items and display the full total at checkout.

Portfolio 2

Portfolio 2

My second updated portfolio implementing more uses of JavaScript.

Vue Portfolio

Vue Portfolio

This is a copy of my portfolio that I created using Vue. It demonstrates the use of vue-router.

PHP Comics Example

PHP Comics Page

Code showing the rework of the Caped Crusader Comics page using php. The code allows for customers to enter in information as well as comments and uses error handling to accept the input. Then using an admin page, the employer can view employees and view who has been assigned to respond to the customer. The project was built on a server using Ubuntu and Apache.

Screenshot of code

SQL Disk Inventory

A SQL script written in MySQL. The code creates a database with tables for disks, artists, and borrowers, as well as connecting tables for genres, and borrower information. It also creates a secondary user and stored procedures so that the user may add, update, or delete information from the database.

Screenshot of code


This code uses the disk inventory data base to create a website using C# and ASP.NET Core MVC. It utilizes the model-view-controller design pattern to allow the user to navigate through the site and add, update, and delete records pertaining to the disk, artist, and borrower records.

Python code example

Python Music Selection

This code uses Python through the website EarSketch to create a Jukebox that allows a user to select a style of music. The code creates custom classes and functions to write an original song based on the user’s selected genre.

mech game example

Mech Defender

This example links to a game I built using Unity and C#. In the game the player controls a giant robotic suit and progresses through levels by destroying target alien ships.


MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals - Certified 2021

MTA: Database Fundamentals - Certified 2021

College of Western Idaho

Graduating 2022. More classes to be added

Introduction to Programming C# Elisa Lowenstein
Intermediate Programming C# Elisa Lowenstein
Intro to Web Application Development HTML5/CSS3 Elisa Lowenstein
Web Styling Bootstrap/SASS Elisa Lowenstein
Intermediate Web Application Development JavaScript/Jquery Rick Del Vecchio
Client Side Frameworks JavaScript/Vue/React Rick Del Vecchio
Systems Analysis and Design *Software Development Life Cycle/Agile Development Rick Del Vecchio
Intro To Server-Side Programming PHP/Apache/Ubuntu Jenny Wokersien
Fundamentals of Database Systems SQL/MySQL Jenny Wokersien
Advanced Web App Development C#/ASP.NET Core MVC Jenny Wokersien
Intro to Python Programming Python Jenny Wokersien
Communicating Through Web Design Communicate Content to Diverse Global Audiences Anna Gamboa
Mobile Development C#/Xamarin.Forms Randy Guay
Game Development C#/Unity Randy Guay
Collaborative Development Agile Development/Scrum Methodology/C#/Unity Randy Guay

*A copy of my Software Development Life Cycle Project Documentation and Prototype


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